The company

Hello and “Grüß Gott”

I am Leonhard Hengstberger,
founder and president of KTS HENGSTBERGER GMBH. It’s my pleasure, to be able to provide you with some insight in my company by use of this website.

Since the founding as a “one man enterprise” in 1990 KTS HENGSTBERGER GMBH has today become an internationally successful brand for engineering and producing high level cooling- and climate technology. Custom engineering and development are our main objectives.

Our core competences are

  • Climate systems with an extremly high stress tolerance
  • Environmental simulation units
  • Special units für tropical and desert-like fields of operation
  • Climate units for special use and demand
  • Cascade units etc.

KTS HENGSTBERGER GMBH has extensive knowledge and experience relating to planning, engineering, maintenance, andling and use of various climate related systems and is well known by its clients to be a competent and reliable partner.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the fields of design, repair and maintenance of such systems and thanks to excellent quality and flexibility, we were successfully able to establish a stable standing within the market over the years. Our customer base spans from R&D companies and educational institutions right on to the armed forces, engineering, IT and medical technology – briefly, KTS HENGSTBERGER GMBH can provide solutions to everyone in need of specific, high-precision air conditioning systems.

Our specialty is the design of prototypes, which are then developed and refined even more to a mature production stage. This is congenially complemented by the design of specialized air heat exchangers for a diverse range of media.

KTS customer service is available for retrofitting, wear and spare parts as well as for the individual manufactoring of these parts.

If you have any questions regarding us or our services, I’d be happy to hear or read from you.

For now, I wish you an interesting time on our website and hope you enjoy your time here.

With best wishes from Raubling-Aich, close to Rosenheim, in the heartland of Upper Bavaria

Leonhard Hengstberger

Leonhard Hengstberger, Gründer und Geschäftsführer

Leonhard Hengstberger, Founder and president