Informations about the system

RC-S70 is a split climate system. The set consists of a roof condenser and an internal rack climate evaporator unit. It is thought for Bv206 trailers f.e. with 19″ rack systems, USV- or engineering compartments


Developed by KTS HENGSTBERGER GMBH primarily for the Haegglund Bv206 and its successing variants, the server rack climatization system RC-S70 impresses with its compact formfactor, powerful efficiency and multiply proven reliability even under heavily stressful in-field conditions.

The external condenser unit is attached to the roof of the Bv206’s trailer. The trailer internal evaporator unit is attached to a built-in rack.

The system circulates the energy rich air out of the rack and leads conditioned air back in. Excess cooling capacity is used to take part in conditioning the trailers interior.


Color: RAL6031 F9 or HR or per customers order
Delivery contents: 1 external condenser unit, one internal evaporator unit, 1 pair of coolant hoses


Promo video

Clip intended for use on industry trade fairs. It shows a concept setup, not the actual devices.
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GBCT843433 - RC-S70 - Illustration of the installation

RC-S70 – Illustration of the installation

GBCT843433 - RC-S70 - Illustration of the complete setup

RC-S70 – Illustration of the complete setup

Split climate system GBCT843433 - RC-S70

Split climate system RC-S70

Item name RC-S70
Measurements W*D*H in mm

Roof condenser (external)
500 * 640 * 380

Evaporator unit (internal)
534 * 499 * 839,5
(incl. adapt.plt 534)

Weight >= 39 kg (compressor dependent)
Current 240 V DC o.
240 V/400 V AC,
50 Hz/60 Hz
Surrounding air -32 °C to +55°C
Unit is air cooled
Generated cool air 16 – 30 °C
Cooling liquid R134a
Cooling capacity 1.000 W to 7.000 W
Principle Direct evaporation
Heating 1.600 W to ~2.450 W
Field of application Mobile in Bv206 trailers and successors as well as in other vehicles
Climate of application Desert, tropics, optional maritime

This product belogs to the standard product palette of KTS

Technical Specification – RC-S70