Informations about the system

KDV01 is an air conditioning module for separately available container split climate units

The module is mounted on the inside of a container door or wall and through that connected to the outer third-party climate unit.

Its purpose is to condition the air within the container. To achieve this it warms the air by use of its build in heating or collects the present heat and transports it to the external unit.

From there the steadily circulating coolant transports the now cool again medium back to the internal unit, where it is used to cool the vented air again. The air flow is done via 5 manually controllable air vents facing inward.

Color: RAL6031 F9 or HR or per customers order
Delivery contents: 1 air conditioning module, third-party main climate device sold separately

KDV01 - Illustration with semi-transparent view into the container

KDV01 – Illustration with semi-transparent view into the container

KDV01 - Illustration with 4 mounted air conditioning modules

KDV01 – Illustration with 4 mounted air conditioning modules

KDV01 - Illustration with semi-transparent view

KDV01 – Illustration with semi-transparent view

Item name KDV01
Mea­sure­ments W*D*H in mm 907 * 554 * 230
Weight >= 30kg
Cur­rent 24V DC o. 240V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Surrounding air -32°C to +55°C unit is air cooled
Generated cool air 16-30°C
Cooling liquid R134a
Cooling capacity as per 3rd party climate unit
Principle general air conditioning
Heating 1.600W – 8.000W
Field of application Stationary, in containers and stationary compartments
Climate of application Desert, tropics, optional maritime
This unit belongs to the project palette of KTS